Apple Music現擁有6000萬名用戶

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  • Apple Music現擁有6000萬名用戶


    ◎根據Apple資深副總裁Eddie Cue表示,Apple Music目前擁有6000萬名用戶,包括付費用戶和免費試用用戶,比2018年5月時的5000萬人增加了20%。

    ◎Eddie Cue在接受法國出版物Numera採訪時,透露了穩健但不壯觀的年度增長數字。他還分享了一個不令人驚訝的消息,即Apple Music是Apple銷售出的所有14億台裝置上,排名第一的音樂應用程式。



    Apple Music now has 60 million subscribers, including paying users and those on free trials, according to Apple executive Eddie Cue. That's up 20% from 50 million in May of 2018.

    Cue revealed the solid but not spectacular year over year growth in an interview with French publication Numera.

    He also shared the unsurprising news that Apple Music was the #1 music app across all of the 1.4 billion devices that Apple has sold. That leaves a lot of room for growth.

    Spotify reported that it had passed the 100 million paid subscriber milestone in April.