Apple Music的歌詞支援功能擴展到另外7個國家

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  • Apple Music的歌詞支援功能擴展到另外7個國家


    ◎Apple將其Apple Music的歌詞支援功能擴展到另外7個國家,現在在法國、德國、愛爾蘭、墨西哥、紐西蘭、南非和西班牙也已可使用。

    ◎Apple Music的歌詞功能除了聆聽歌曲時可以顯示在屏幕上之外,還有可以透過鍵入一句歌詞或單字串來查找歌曲標題的搜索功能。在這次的擴展之前,Apple Music的歌詞支援僅限於在澳洲、加拿大、美國和英國可使用。


    Apple has expanded Apple Music lyric support to seven more countries. It is now live in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain.

    Apple Music includes both song lyrics, which appear onscreen while listening, and a search function to find song titles by typing in a phrase or string of words.

    Prior to today's expansion, Apple Music lyric support was restricted to Australia, Canada, US and the UK.