Apple Music 推出《Africa Now》電台

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  • Apple Music 推出《Africa Now》電台


    ◎Apple Music發起首場針對非洲的廣播節目,主持人是DJ Cuppy 。
    ◎《Africa Now Radio with Cuppy》節目,將混和當代和傳統流行的非洲之聲,包括:Amapiano,Afrobeats,Highlife,Alte,House,Hip-Hop,Afrobongo等類型。
    ◎《Universal Music Group》日前在南非約翰尼斯堡和奈及利亞拉各斯成立了《Def Jam》非洲公司。簡而言之,是在整個非洲大陸簽約、銷售嘻哈、Afrobeat等藝人。


    Apple Music is launching its first radio show focused on Africa this Sunday with DJ Cuppy as host.
    “Africa Now Radio with Cuppy” will debut with a mix of contemporary and traditional popular African sounds including Amapiano, Afrobeats, Highlife, Alte, House, Hip-Hop, Afrobongo and more.
    Cuppy, the Nigerian-born DJ and music producer, will host the weekly one-hour show at 9.00 a.m. EDT.
    “The show represents a journey from West to East and North to South, but importantly a narrative of Africa then to Africa now,” Cuppy said in a statement.
    Earlier this week Universal Music Group launched Def Jam Africa based in Johannesburg and Lagos. It’s brief is to sign and market hip-hop, Afrobeat, and trap artists from across the continent.