Apple Music For Artists分析平台免費提供音樂人和唱片公司註冊

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  • Apple Music For Artists分析平台免費提供音樂人和唱片公司註冊


    ◎Apple Music For Artists這個Apple承諾要免費為音樂人和唱片公司提供的分析平台,已經進入了公開測試階段並向所有藝人開放註冊。該平台承諾將提供「要了解你的音樂在Apple Music和iTunes上所造成的影響所需要的一切」。

    ◎之前已有數千名藝人獲得Apple Music for Artists私人測試版的使用權限,其內容包括有顯示當前的串流次數、播放次數、iTunes歌曲和專輯購買數量的公告板,也有像是累積播放次數和單獨曲目的購買等主要里程碑的數據。來自Apple Music和iTunes目前營運的所有115個國家地區的地理位置數據都可提供,並可追溯至2015年6月Apple Music首次推出時。


    Apple Music For Artists, the promised free analytics platform for musicians and labels that Apple, has entered public beta with sign up available to all artists.

    The platform promises to provide "everything you need to understand your music's impact across Apple Music and iTunes, Apple Music for Artist.

    Several thousand artists had been given private beta access to Apple Music For Artists with a dashboard that shows current plays, spins, iTunes song and album purchases, as well as key milestones, like cumulative plays and purchases for individual tracks.

    Geotargeted data from all 115 countries that Apple Music and iTunes operate in is available, reaching back to June 2015 when Apple Music first launched.