ASCAP宣布明年《I Create Music》會展的舉行日期,並釋出2018年該會展的60小時影片

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  • ASCAP宣布明年《I Create Music》會展的舉行日期,並釋出2018年該會展的60小時影片

    ◎ASCAP(美國作曲家、作家暨發行商協會)宣布其第14屆的《I Create Music》會展將於2019年5月2日至4日返回洛杉磯的洛伊斯好萊塢酒店舉行。ASCAP同時也宣布2018年該會展的超過60個小時的小組會議及表演的影片已經釋出。

    ◎ASCAP的《I Create Music》會展為有抱負的詞曲創作者和作曲家提供網絡聯繫機會、一對一的交換回饋意見,以及來自暢銷歌曲創作者的真實世界建議。在職業生涯早期參加過該活動的成功詞曲創作者包括LELAND(寫過Troye Sivan的歌曲〈Youth〉)、Vincent Berry(寫過Beyoncé的歌曲〈Sandcastles〉)和Meghan Trainor。Meghan Trainor是2018年活動的主題演講人,她熱切地向觀眾講述她2010年參加會議的經歷,當時她與Justin Timberlake和Bill Withers、Quincy Jones和Ludacris一起參加了該會議,以及與Natasha Bedingfield會面。


    ASCAP has announced that the 14th edition of its signature "I Create Music" EXPO, will return to the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles on May 2 - 4, 2019. The PRO also announced the release of 60+ hours of video of panels and performances from the 2018 conference.

    The ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO provides aspiring songwriters and composers with networking opportunities, one-on-one feedback and real-world advice from hitmaking songwriters.

    Successful songwriters that have participated in ASCAP EXPO early in their careers include LELAND ("Youth," Troye Sivan), Vincent Berry ("Sandcastles," Beyoncé) and Meghan Trainor. Trainor was a keynote speaker at the 2018 EXPO, eagerly recounting to the audience her EXPO experience in 2010, when she attended sessions with Justin Timberlake and Bill Withers, Quincy Jones and Ludacris, and how meeting Natasha Bedingfield was "the coolest day of my life."

    "ASCAP EXPO offers a unique, welcoming environment for music creators to come together and express their individual voices, no matter their level, musical style or genre. In 2019, our participants will be encouraged to embrace new opportunities and the close-knit community they can only find at EXPO to reach the next stage of their careers," commented Lauren Iossa, ASCAP Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer.