Audible Magic推出新服務Rights Audit,獨立發行商The Orchard已簽約使用

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  • Audible Magic推出新服務Rights Audit,獨立發行商The Orchard已簽約使用


    ◎音樂技術提供商Audible Magic宣布推出兩項新服務:Rights Audit和Rights Rx,旨在將新音樂添加到目錄之前先驗證在超過200個地區的權利所有權。索尼所擁有的獨立發行商The Orchard是其第一批簽約的公司。

    ◎該項新服務將辨識一首單曲或其中一段音樂中是否已由任何一個地區的其他權利擁有者所註冊,如果發現基本的錄音音頻有相匹配或是在同一地區中已有另一位權利擁有者註冊該內容則會出現衝突。Audible Magic的目錄包含超過2500萬首音樂曲目的版權所有權信息。

    ◎這兩種服務都是採用月訂閱制,可以輕鬆的與一家公司的內容管理系統和現有工作流程相整合。Rights RX是Rights Audit的入門且較便宜的版本。


    Music technology provider Audible Magic has announced two new services, Rights Audit and Rights Rx, designed to verify rights ownership across more than 200 territories before new music is added to a catalog. Sony owned indie distributor The Orchard is among the first to sign on.

    The new service will identify a track or clips from that track that have been registered by other rights holders in any territory. A conflict exists if a match is found both with the audio of the underlying sound recording and more than one rights owner has registered that content in the same territory. Audible Magic's catalog contains rights ownership information on over 25 million music tracks.

    Both services are monthly subscriptions and can easily fit with a company's content management system and existing workflows. Rights RX is an entry level lower cost version of Rights Audit.

    "We are excited to offer these two services to begin to address a significant industry-wide problem, in an easy and cost-effective way," said Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO at Audible Magic.

    "Audible Magic's tools provide a huge service to us. Rights management is an essential part of the business and it is important to make sure artists and labels are getting the revenue they deserve," said Tucker McCrady, EVP & General Counsel at The Orchard.