Audiobyte為Gifnote Music的Gif應用程式募資到600萬美元

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  • Audiobyte為Gifnote Music的Gif應用程式募資到600萬美元




    ◎Evolution VC Partners的Gregg Smith加入了Audiobyte的董事會,其他投資者包括Northwood Ventures、DG Incubation、Joi Ito的Neoteny 4、Sovereign Brands的執行長Brett Berish、Hear Music的聯合創始人Andrew McKee和Soundscan聯合創始人Michael Shalett。


    Audiobyte, the parent company of Giftnote and Songbytes has completed a $6 million financing round led by Evolution. The company's apps create short licenced music plus graphics clips that can be shared in social and text messages.

    The Gifnote app allows users to 'pair and share' Songbytes—byte-sized music clips of the world's most popular songs— with GIFs, videos and photos. Available as an iOS app and at, the company recently launched an API for social and digital platform. The API is already available for Slack and will be announcing additional integrations soon.

    Gregg Smith of Evolution VC Partners has joined Audiobyte's board. Other investors include Northwood Ventures, DG Incubation (Digital Garage Group), Joi Ito's Neoteny 4, Brett Berish, CEO of Sovereign Brands, Andrew McKee, Co-Founder of Hear Music, and Michael Shalett, Co-Founder of Soundscan.

    "Messaging has become the most relevant cultural platform for communication and self-expression, and when combined with music can enable a level of emotional context far beyond silent emojis, photos, or GIFs," said Gregg Smith of Evolution. "The combination of Gifnote's API technology platform and their partnership with the music industry uniquely positions the company as a leader in music messaging."

    "Music and messaging are a natural fit with global scale and fascinating implications," stated Andrew Blacker, Audiobyte CEO and Co-Founder. "We remain dedicated in our mission to support the music industry in the new landscape of 'byte-sized' communication while elevating messaging with music's universal appeal."