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  • Baidu在全球智慧揚聲器市場上超越Google


    ◎百度的AI揚聲器運行在名為DuerOS的AI平台上。該公司最初以青少年工程設計的Raven H揚聲器定位於高端市場,但該產品顯然銷售不佳。百度最近推出價格低許多的型號,基本的小音箱售價低至89元(約合12美元)。根據Canalys的數據,百度今年第一季在中國超過了國內領先的阿里巴巴。
    ◎值得注意的是,百度和Google並非直接競爭對手。百度過去一年的爆炸式增長表明了中國人工智慧生態系統的規模和動態;Google的優勢則在於能夠解決其他國家的問題,其中一個例子是在印度推出Nest Hub(以前的Google Home Hub),這是另一個潛在的巨大市場。這款智能顯示器的售價為9,999盧比,約合139美元。Gadgets360報導,Google正在將小米的Mi安全攝像頭與Nest Hub捆綁在一起作為推廣活動。


    Chinese search giant Baidu is now the world’s second biggest vendor of smart speakers, according to a new report from Canalys. The research firm says Baidu overtook Google to capture 17.3 percent of the global market with 4.5 million shipments in the second quarter of 2019, representing staggering year-on-year growth of 3,700 percent. Amazon remains the overall leader with more than 25 percent share of the market and 6.6 million shipments.
    Baidu’s AI speakers run on an AI platform called DuerOS. The company initially targeted the high end of the market with the Teenage Engineering-designed Raven H speaker (above), but that product apparently sold poorly. More recently, Baidu has pushed sales of much less expensive models, with the basic Xiaodu speaker selling for as low as 89 yuan (~$12). Baidu overtook previous domestic leader Alibaba in the first quarter of this year in China, according to Canalys.
    It’s worth noting, of course, that Baidu and Google aren’t direct competitors — Baidu sells its products exclusively in its home market, while Google sells its products almost everywhere but China. But Baidu’s explosive growth over the past year demonstrates the size and the dynamics of the Chinese AI ecosystem. Last year CEO Robin Li said in no uncertain terms that Baidu wouldn’t be worried by the prospect of Google re-entering China.
    Google has the advantage of being able to address other countries, however, and an example of that is today’s launch of the Nest Hub (previously Google Home Hub) in India, another potentially huge market. The smart display is selling for 9,999 rupees, or about $139. Gadgets360 reports that Google is bundling Xiaomi’s Mi Security Camera with the Nest Hub as a launch promotion.