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  • Bandsintown增加免費的Instagram演唱會行銷工具

    ◎Bandsintown增加了一個獨特的免費工具,透過這個演唱會發掘平台的新「活動登陸頁面」就可以直接在Instagram上公布演唱會訊息及銷售門票。Instagram已迅速成為音樂和音樂人非常有效的病毒式行銷工具。Maroon 5樂團日前就使用新的Bandsintown Instagram行銷工具公布他們的英國和亞洲巡演日期。

    ◎有在Bandsintown註冊的藝人現在可以使用該工具透過自動生成的短網址將Instagram的Story鏈接轉換為銷售門票的管道。粉絲可以在藝人的Instagram Story頁面中上下滑動來連結到預售、售票中、VIP門票等的頁面。此外,藝人現在能夠將「活動登陸頁面」保存為Instagram的重點頁面(Highlight),這相當於在Instagram的個人資料中添加一個永久的巡演日期選項卡。該鏈接將會持續提供最新的已發布的巡演日期。藝人還可以通過Bandsintown Manager進行對包括轉換率、點擊率、回覆出席率和原生分析資訊在內的監控分析。


    Bandsintown has added a unique free tool to announce concerts and sell tickets directly on Instagram via the concert discovery platform's new Events Landing Page. Instagram has quickly become a very effective viral marketing tool for music and musicians.

    Maroon 5 used the new Bandsintown Instagram marketing tool last week to announce their UK and Asia dates.

    Bandsintown registered artists can now use the tool to convert Instagram story links into ticket sales via an auto-generated short URL. Fans can swipe up on an artist's Instagram Story to access pre-sales, on-sales, VIP tickets, and more.

    In addition, artists are now able to save the Events Landing Page as an Instagram Highlight - the equivalent of adding a permanent Tour Dates tab in their Instagram profile. The link will always pull their most up-to-date published tour dates.

    Artists are also able to monitor analytics (conversions, clicks, RSVPs, and native analytics) via Bandsintown Manager. Find more information on how the new integration works on the Bandsintown artist website.