Bandsintown的數據和調查 提供了前所未有的音樂現場直播狀態

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  • Bandsintown的數據和調查 提供了前所未有的音樂現場直播狀態


    ◎當covid-19大流行在三月開始時,音樂演唱會探索平台Bandsintown立即將其重點轉移到音樂直播上。此後,在平台上銷售並追蹤了14,000位藝人的45,000多個串流,並在「Bandsintown LIVE」頻道上,向3,000萬粉絲直播550位藝人,結果是一個龐大的數據集,再加上Bandsintown對藝人和歌迷進行的大量新調查,可以提供有關即時音樂串流媒體當前狀態的最全面的信息。
    ◎Bandsintown Group聯合創始人(Fabrice Sergent)表示,現場直播已經成為人們音樂生活的一部分,在大流行結束後,這種情況將繼續存在。這將為音樂愛好者和音樂家提供新的機會。
    超過300萬的粉絲使用了「Bandsintown Notify Me」按鈕,來追蹤自己喜歡的直播


    When the pandemic hit in March, concert discovery platform Bandsintown immediately shifted its focus to music live streams.
    Since then, more than 45,000 streams by 14,000 artists have been marketed and tracked on the platform and 550 artists have been live-streamed to 30 million fans on the Bandsintown LIVE channel.
    The result is an expansive data set that when coupled with Bandsintown’s extensive new survey of artists and fans provides the most comprehensive look ever at the current state of live music streaming.
    “Live streams have become part of people’s musical lives, and that will hold true after the pandemic has wound down,” says Bandsintown Group co-founder and managing partner Fabrice Sergent. “We foresee a future after lockdowns and limited in-person shows, where fans may choose to stream some highly produced concerts, to spend time watching more informal streamed moments of other artists, and attend shows in person for artists who truly matter to them. There will be a mix of options and choices, and it will open up new opportunities for both music lovers and musicians.”
    Download the full report below.
    Overall Live Music Streaming Data
    45,000 music live streams from 14,000 artists since late March 2020
    75% of the streams are by emerging artists – those with less than 10,000 followers on Bandsintown
    On an average day, 2700 livestreams are listed on Bandsintown
    62% of all live streams are from US-based artists
    More than 3 million fans have used the Bandsintown Notify Me button to track their favorite live streams
    Fan Survey
    73% of fans have watched a live stream in recent months. Up 23% since April.
    80% of fans will pay to watch a live stream to support their favorite artists. That’s up 10% since April
    60% said they will continue to watch paid live streams after live concerts resume
    70% said that Bandsintown was their main source for info on new live streams – even more than artists web sites.
    66% of fans said they would attend a live concert with safety protocols in place even if there was not a vaccine widely available yet. That’s consistent with the 65% who answered the same question in April.
    Artist Survey
    75% of surveyed artists said they had performed a live stream – up from 45% in April.
    22% have asked fans to either contribute via a tip jar or to buy a ticket
    70% of artists plan to increase the number of live streams they will do over the next 6-12 months
    More than 30% of artists are planning to live stream at least once per week
    Summary of artist comments: While streaming is not a substitute for playing live, artists say they are good them in many ways including strengthening their connection with fans, earning much-needed revenue, and building a global audience.
    These surveys of more than 6000 fans and artists were conducted on August 5-10, 2020.