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  • BBC Music在美國推出


    ◎BBC Music已在美國推出,將其深入的音樂新聞報導帶給了美國的觀眾。除了美國製作的內容之外,還將有BBC的各個深度節目及涵蓋全球的音樂節、音樂新聞等的廣泛報導播出。

    ◎它還將提供訪談和現場表演,包括BBC Radio 1的《Live Lounge》節目,該系列節目之前從未透過BBC向英國以外的觀眾提供。《Live Lounge》之前曾有Ariana Grande、Dua Lipa、Jay-Z、Taylor Swift、Foo Fighters等藝人的表演。


    BBC Music has launched in the US, bringing its in-depth music journalism to a stateside audience. US produced content will be featured alongside the BBC's deep catalog and extensive coverage of global festivals, music news and more.

    It will also feature access to interviews and live performances, including BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, never previously available through the BBC to audiences outside of the UK. Live Lounge has featured performances by Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters and more.

    "BBC Music is all about connecting fans with music they love from their favourite artists, and music they're going to love from their next favourite," said U.S. Features Managing Editor Simon Frantz. "There's a huge amount of great music being produced in the U.S. right now, and we're excited to help connect those artists to our vast, music-hungry audience."