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  • Beatport推出一個名為(Beatportal)的新社論網站


    ◎對於Beatport這樣的公司來說,這是明智之舉:Bandcamp的博客例子,就因為突出顯示其平台上的藝人和音樂,贏得廣泛讚譽。Beatport執行長(Robb McDaniels)說,現在是Beatport向我們的社群提供更多創意和獨特內容的時候,Beatportal是展示出色藝人和音樂的理想媒介。


    Running a music website as a profitable business in 2019 is hard. Running it as an extension of other kinds of music brands, however, is an increasingly-common strategy. The latest example is a site called Beatportal, launched by dance brand Beatport for its community of DJs.
    “A monthly cover story featuring a diverse range of artists will sit alongside interviews with Beatport fan favourites and groundbreaking newcomers, in-depth investigative journalism, advice for DJs and producers, longform scene reports, and informative stories on the sounds shaping DJ culture,” explained the announcement of the site, which will also host live streams and other video content.
    It’s a sensible move for a company like Beatport: other examples, like Bandcamp’s blog, have won plenty of praise for highlighting the artists and music available through its platform. “The time has come for Beatport to deliver more creative and unique content to our community, and Beatportal is the ideal medium to showcase some of the amazing artists and music we work with on a daily basis,” said Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels.