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  • (Beck)與(Nasa)合作製作了AI視覺專輯


    ◎(Beck)於2019年11月發行了他的“Hyperspace”專輯,但現在它以一種有趣的方式被重新構想:作為一個名為“Hyperspace:A.I. Exploration”,人工智慧視覺專輯。


    Beck released his ‘Hyperspace’ album in November 2019, but now it’s getting reimagined in an interesting way: as a visual album called ‘Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration‘.
    It’s a partnership with space agency Nasa, pulling in mission images, visualisations, animations and data, using several AI technologies (computer vision, machine learning and generative adversarial neural networks to be specific).
    “Actual Nasa expeditions and data are transformed into vivid new universes ‘imagined’ by an emerging new kind of creative intelligence,” as the blurb puts it.
    Creative studio Osk is the other partner here, on the tech and design front. It’s a really creative idea to put a visual spin on an album.
    The space theme will continue through the upcoming limited-edition vinyl release of the album, with a 24-page booklet with AI images and Nasa data for each track.