Beyonce和JAY-Z在《OTR II》巡演的亞利桑那場發出10萬美元獎學金給高中生

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  • Beyonce和JAY-Z在《OTR II》巡演的亞利桑那場發出10萬美元獎學金給高中生

    ◎作為他們不斷努力推廣教育的一部分,JAY-Z和Beyoncé向亞利桑那州的高中生Mikayla Lowry遞交了他們最新的足以改變其生活的獎學金。根據ABC 15頻道的報導,Mikayla Lowry參加了這對夫婦在亞利桑那州格倫代爾的《OTR II》巡迴演出,而DJ Khaled在台上宣布有一些特別的東西要給這位成績平均積點3.7分且對海洋生物學感興趣的學生。

    ◎Mikayla Lowry於該場演出之後談到這筆10萬美元的大學獎學金時表示「他們提到我的名字時,我心想『怎麼回事?』,這感覺超不真實的。」Mikayla Lowry將成為她家中第一個上大學的人,多虧了Shawn Carter基金會和BeyGOOD倡議所提供的獎學金,他們在今年的《OTR II》巡迴演出的前幾場中,一共在11個城市發放了超過100萬美元的獎學金給達成高成就但有財務需求的高中生。


    As part of their ongoing efforts to promote education, JAY-Z and Beyoncé handed out their latest life-changing scholarship on Wednesday night (Sept. 19) to Arizona teen Mikayla Lowry. According to ABC 15, Lowry was at the couple's OTR II tour date in Glendale, Arizona, when DJ Khaled announced from the stage that she had something special for the student with a 3.7 GPA and an interest in marine biology.

    "They said my name and I was like, 'WHAT?'," Lowry said after the show at State Farm Stadium about the $100,000 college scholarship. "It just felt unreal." Lowry will be the first person in her family to attend college thanks to the scholarship from the Shawn Carter Foundation and the BeyGOOD Initiative, which have handed out more than $1 million in scholarships in 11 cities on previous OTR II dates this year to high-achieving high school students with financial needs.

    The senior at Trevor Browne High School was one of 19 Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix who attended the show for free.