Beyonce'的《Lemonade》專輯發行3年後終於放上Spotify和Apple Music

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  • Beyonce'的《Lemonade》專輯發行3年後終於放上Spotify和Apple Music


    ◎Beyonce'在2016年獲得葛萊美獎的專輯《Lemonade》,在發行的3年之後,終於已經可以在Spotify、Apple Music和其他串流媒體服務上聽到了。這張專輯之前只提供購買以及在Tidal平台上獨家串流聆聽。



    Three years to the day after it was released, Beyonce' has made her 2016 Grammy-winning album Lemonade available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. The album was previously only available for purchase and as an exclusive stream on Tidal.

    The release comes days after her release of a Netflix documentary and live album.