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  • Billboard拉丁音樂週及拉丁音樂獎將於4月22日至25日在拉斯維加斯舉行


    ◎Billboard拉丁音樂週將連續第二年回到拉斯維加斯,將於4月22日至25日在威尼斯人酒店舉行,並將舉辦為期三天的Q&A會議,包括其著名的與市場上的頂級藝人進行「Star Q&As(明星問與答)」對談,以及聚焦於串流媒體、影片、主流和拉丁合作等的小組討論。這個世界上規模最大,運作時間最長的拉丁音樂會談也將再次舉辦其傑出的女性專題小組,以及展示和演唱會、商務會議,現場直播和互動機會。活動當週還將舉辦Billboard拉丁音樂獎頒獎典禮,會由Telemundo頻道於4月25日進行現場轉播。

    ◎Billboard的拉丁音樂週過去幾十年來一直是拉丁音樂的推動力量。去年的會談中包括與超級巨星Maluma、Bad Bunny、Maná,Pitbull和Ozuna等人的問答,以及具有里程碑意義的有Karol G、Becky G和Yuridia出席的女性專題小組。曾在此前的會議中出席的藝人包括Romeo Santos、Enrique Iglesias、Marc Anthony、Ricky Martin、Jenni Rivera和Laura Pausini。


    For the second consecutive year, Billboard Latin Music Week will return to Las Vegas.

    Billboard Latin Music Week will take place April 22-25 at The Venetian and will feature three days of Q&A sessions, including its signature "Star Q&As" with the top artists in the market, as well as panels focusing on streaming, videos, mainstream and Latin collaborations, and more. The biggest, longest-running Latin music confab in the world will also bring back its standout women's panel, which was a catalyst for change in the Latin industry in 2018, as well as showcases and concerts, business meetings, live streams and interactive opportunities. The week culminates with the Billboard Latin Music Awards, which will air live on Telemundo April 25.

    "Billboard is, without a doubt, the leading name in Latin music at a global scale, and our 2019 conference will feature hands down the biggest names in the genre," says Leila Cobo, Billboard's executive director of content and programming for Latin music and entertainment. "Latin music is going through its brightest moment, and we are proud to be an integral part of that movement."

    Billboard's Latin Music Week has for decades been a driving force in Latin music. Last year's confab featured Q&As with superstars Maluma, Bad Bunny, Maná, Pitbull and Ozuna, among others, and the landmark women's panel featured Karol G, Becky G and Yuridia. Previous editions of the conference have featured artists like Romeo Santos, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jenni Rivera and Laura Pausini.