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  • Billboard的200專輯排行榜,即將包括來自YouTube的串流數據


    ◎(Billboard 200)「專輯」排行榜的計算方式,很快將包含來自YouTube的視頻和音頻數據。排行榜將根據傳統專輯的銷售情況進行排名,追蹤當周專輯和串流媒體流量,並將現行官方許可的視頻內容與音頻串流一起納入計算。新增視頻將影響Billboard的Country、R&B / Hip-Hop、Latin等不同類別專輯排行榜。這項新更改將在明年1月18日的排行榜上生效,該排行榜將反映2020年1月3日至9日的銷量和串流。
    ◎2013年2月以來,YouTube串流已成為(Billboard Hot 100)單曲排行榜和其他歌曲排行榜的組成要件,這是首次納入專輯排行榜。但是,與單曲排行榜不同,僅會計算由權利人或其代表上傳的官方許可視頻內容。使用者自行製作的視頻將不會列入計算。
    ◎YouTube全球音樂總監(Lyor Cohen)表示,將YouTube納入(Billboard 200)是非常重要的時刻,它可以使榜單更準確地顯示人們在聽什麼。例如,拉丁、嘻哈和電子音樂,一向是佔據YouTube排行榜榜首的類型,現在將因其受歡迎程度而得到適當認可。這是將YouTube與整個行業融合在一起的另一個重要步驟。


    The Billboard 200 album chart will soon be including a streaming component compiled from video and audio data from YouTube. The chart ranks the most popular albums of the week based on traditional album sales, track sales equivalent albums and streaming equivalent albums, and officially licensed video content will now be factored into the chart alongside audio streams. The video addition will also impact Billboard’s genre album charts for Country, R&B/Hip-Hop, Latin, and others, and the change will take effect with the Jan. 18 charts, which reflects sales and streams from January 3-9, 2020.
    YouTube streams have been a component of the Billboard Hot 100 and other song charts since February 2013, but this is the first time they will factor into the album charts. Unlike the song charts, however, only official licensed video content uploaded by or on behalf of a rights holder will be counted. User-generated videos will not be included in the album calculations.
    “As the steward of the definitive charts that uphold the industry’s measurement of music consumption, our goal is to continually respond and accurately reflect the changing landscape of the music,” said Billboard-The Hollywood Reporter Media Group President Deanna Brown. “Our decision to add YouTube and other video streaming data to our album charts reflects the continuing evolution of the music consumption market and the ways in which consumers connect to album-related content.”
    “YouTube’s inclusion in the Billboard 200 is a very important moment in making the chart a more accurate representation of what people are listening to,” said Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube. “Genres like Latin, hip hop and electronic, which consistently dominate the YouTube charts, will now be properly recognized for their popularity. This is another great step in bringing YouTube and the industry together and we’re so grateful to Billboard and the music business at large for making this addition.”
    “With video representing an increasingly large proportion of music consumption on some of the world’s largest platforms, the inclusion of YouTube and video overall to the Billboard 200 as well as other genre rankings is the next natural advancement for our album charts,” said Silvio Pietroluongo, SVP of charts and data development at Billboard.