Billboard 母公司Valence將收購Nielsen,Soundscan

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  • Billboard 母公司Valence將收購Nielsen,Soundscan


    ◎根據多份報告,Billalence和Hollywood Reporter的母公司Valence Media正在收購Nielsen的音樂相關數據、軟體和分析業務。Nielsen Soundscan提供的數據支持標誌性音樂排行榜Billboard。
    ◎Rolling Stone去年收購了Soundscan的競爭對手BuzzAngle Music來為其自己的音樂排行榜提供更多動力。業界質疑,Billboard如果能夠控制數據來源的中立性,可能導致缺乏透明度和製衡。競爭對手Hits Daily Double表示,此舉將影響可信度,特別是關於票證、商品及未經驗證的YouTube數據。


    Valence Media, the parent company of Billboard and Hollywood Reporter is acquiring Nielsen's music-related data, software and analytics business, according to multiple reports. Nielsen Soundscan provides the data that power's Billboard's iconic music charts.
    The deal is expected to close later this year at a price in the eight-figure range, sources tell Bloomberg. The new deal would allow Billboard to do more with the data including possibly putting some Nielsen-based charts and other data behind a paywall.
    Last year, Rolling Stone acquired Soundscan competitor BuzzAngle Music to power its own music charts, and other's in the industry are questioning how neutral Billboard's chart's will be if they also control the data source.
    'Rights holders are said to be concerned about the lack of transparency and checks and balances that could result from Billboard’s impending deal to acquire SoundScan from Nielsen" says snarky competitor Hits Daily Double. "How will this move affect the myriad credibility problems swirling about the Billboard charts, notably regarding ticket and merch bundles and unverified YouTube data?"