Billie Eilish將在Oculus Venues舉辦虛擬實境演唱會

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  • Billie Eilish將在Oculus Venues舉辦虛擬實境演唱會


    ◎Billie Eilish即將舉行虛擬實境演唱會,演出將於9月3日在西班牙馬德里舉行,然後晚上將在Facebook的Oculus Venues應用程式中,以「Oculus Go」和「Oculus Quest耳機」播出。
    ◎這場演唱會與新創公司Supersphere合作,該公司將此次活動稱為歷史上最大的VR演唱會。Supersphere過去的專案包括Lupe Fiasco的VR、Empire of the Sun、Tenacious D、Sir Paul McCartney,由VR新創公司Jaunt製作的VR紀錄片。
    ◎Oculus Venues應用程式2017年底首次公佈,已用於多場音樂活動,例如,2019年6月已故DJ Avicii專輯首映。


    Billie Eilish is the latest artist playing a concert that will be streamed in virtual reality. The gig will take place on 3 September in Madrid, and then later that evening will be broadcast in Facebook’s ‘Oculus Venues’ app for its Oculus Go and Oculus Quest headsets.
    The concert is the result of a partnership with startup Supersphere, which is touting the event as “the biggest VR concert in history” (not that hard, given the lack of truly high-profile competition, although MelodyVR’s livestream of former One Direction star Liam Payne last December would be the main event to beat).
    Supersphere’s past projects include VR for Lupe Fiasco, Empire of the Sun, Tenacious D and Sir Paul McCartney – a six-part VR documentary produced for VR startup Jaunt in the latter case.
    The Oculus ‘Venues’ app was first announced in late 2017, and has been used for several music events – for example, a premiere of the posthumous Avicii album in June 2019.
    Facebook’s interest in music and VR has also extended to a content-licensing deal with MelodyVR, announced in July.
    Meanwhile, last night saw a VR concert broadcast by startup Wave (formerly TheWaveVR) involving artist Lindsey Stirling. It was broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch as well as to headsets using Wave’s app: the YouTube stream has just over 231k views at the time of writing, with another 213k views on Facebook. Can Billie Eilish really attract more viewers with a headsets-only concert? We’ll find out after 3 September, perhaps.