Billie Eilish有3000萬YouTube用戶。去年增加了1600萬

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  • Billie Eilish有3000萬YouTube用戶。去年增加了1600萬


    ◎(Billie Eilish)的最新成就是YouTube訂閱者達到3000萬。她是少數15位達到這成績的藝人之一,而且根據YouTube的數據,在過去的12個月中,她的訂閱者已超過1600萬。
    ◎她的《Bad Guy》音樂錄影帶觀看次數超過8.8億,而根據YouTube的數據分析工具,她的音樂在過去一年中產生了57億觀看量,觀看排名前三的城市是墨西哥城,利馬和聖地亞哥。去年2月,(Eilish)也是首位被選為YouTube迷你劇集紀錄片格式的藝人。
    ◎在YouTube的另一則新聞中,(Led Zeppelin)的2012年音樂會電影“Celebration Day”從5月30日開始在YouTube上放映三天。這部影片記錄了樂團在2007年的團聚,為Atlantic Records創始人(Ahmet Ertegun)致敬音樂會。至於(Led Zeppelin)的YouTube統計數據,在過去12個月中,他們的音樂產生了4.48億次觀看。


    It’s been a period of near-constant records and milestones for Billie Eilish: her latest achievement is passing 30 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She’s one of fewer than 15 artists to reach that total, and according to YouTube, she’s added more than 16 million of those subscribers in the last 12 months.
    Her top video, for ‘Bad Guy’, currently stands at just over 880m views, while according to YouTube’s insights tool, her music has generated 5.7bn video views in the last year – with her top three cities being Mexico City, Lima and Santiago.
    Eilish was also the first artist chosen for YouTube’s ‘mini-series’ documentary format in February last year.
    In separate YouTube news, Led Zeppelin’s 2012 concert film ‘Celebration Day’ will be made available on YouTube from this Saturday (30 May) for three days, starting with a premiere for fans who want to co-view. The film documented the band’s reunion in 2007 for a tribute concert for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. As for Led Zep’s YouTube stats, their music has generated 448m views in the past 12 months (or, in our new unit of choice measuring YouTube popularity: 0.08 Billie Eilishes).