Black River娛樂公司在CMA音樂節期間舉行60秒的選秀試演

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  • Black River娛樂公司在CMA音樂節期間舉行60秒的選秀試演


    ◎Black River娛樂公司以他們新的60秒「聚光燈」活動,為有抱負的藝人提供在CMA音樂節期間展示他們的才能的機會。

    ◎Black River娛樂公司總裁兼執行長Gordon Kerr、執行副總裁Rick Froio和A&R副總裁Doug Johnson將於6月6日至9日在音樂城中心舉行的CMA音樂節期間,在該中心二樓為這一分鐘的「試演」中審查人才。年滿18歲的粉絲可以先在60SecSpotlight.com註冊,或者從6月6日開始直接到位於Xfinity Fan Fair X的Black River攤位報名。由於安全限制,音樂城中心內不允許使用個人樂器,但是舞台上將提供Fender吉他和Nord鍵盤供參加者使用。


    Black River Entertainment is giving aspiring artists the opportunity show off their talents during CMA Fest with their new 60-Second Spotlight.

    Black River Entertainment's President & CEO Gordon Kerr, Executive Vice President Rick Froio and Vice President of A&R Doug Johnson will check out the talent during the one-minute "auditions" during CMA Music Fest from June 6-9 inside the Music City Center on the second floor. Fans ages 18 and up can sign up beginning today (May 31) at, or as a walk-up (depending on availability) by visiting Black River's booth in Xfinity Fan Fair X (Booth 170) beginning on June 6.

    Due to security restrictions, personal instruments will not be permitted inside Music City Center. However, Fender guitars and a Nord keyboard will be provided on stage for participants' use.