Bob Dylan的製酒公司Heaven's Door Spirits將在納許維爾開設現場演出場館

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  • Bob Dylan的製酒公司Heaven's Door Spirits將在納許維爾開設現場演出場館


    ◎與Bob Dylan合作的製酒公司Heaven's Door Spirits宣布計劃在納許維爾建立一個新的場地—Heaven's Door Spirits暨藝術中心。

    ◎該場館預計於2020年秋季開放,將座落於納許維爾第五大道南614號的一座古老教堂內,其中將包括一個工藝威士忌釀酒廠和威士忌圖書館,以及一個展示Bob Dylan的非音樂性藝術品的藝術「聖所」。根據發布的消息,它還將包括一間餐廳和一個有360個座位的現場表演場館。

    ◎新場館的宣布是與Bob Dylan的1969年發行的開創性專輯《Nashville Skyline》慶祝50週年的活動一起舉行的。


    Heaven's Door Spirits, an alcohol company partnered with Bob Dylan, announced plans for a new venue in Nasvhille – the Heaven's Door Spirits and Center for the Arts.

    The facility, which is expected to open in the fall of 2020, will be located in an old church at 614 Fifth Ave. S. in Nashville, and will include a craft whiskey distillery and whiskey library, and an art 'sanctuary' that will showcase Dylan's non-musical artwork.

    It will also include a restaurant and a 360-seat live performance venue, according to a release.

    The announcement of the new facility was tied into the 50th anniversary of the release of Dylan's seminal 1969 album Nashville Skyline on April 9.

    "We're thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of Nashville Skyline with our addition to Music City's Skyline," said Marc Bushala, CEO of Heaven's Door Spirits. "Nashville is a natural home for the Heaven's Door Distilery and the Elm Street Church is a fitting home for Dylan's visual artwork," he added.