Bobby Owsinski觀察《Apple Music For Artists》功能

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  • Bobby Owsinski觀察《Apple Music For Artists》功能


    ◎雖然Apple Music支付藝人串流費用,但為藝人提供的服務卻很少,該平台現在推出《Apple Music for Artists》功能,為藝人提供有價值的解析。
    ◎Apple Music支付的版稅比Spotify多,但藝人和經理人仍覺得少了些東西。Spotify透過《Spotify For Artists》計劃,為聽眾提供一些深刻見解,如今Apple推出自己的版本。
    ◎《Apple Music For Artists》上週起開始測試,新功能允許藝人監控每天在Apple Music上播放的串流量,及iTunes上的專輯/歌曲銷售,並且每天更新,藝人甚至可以看到特定版本在100多個國家中的表現。Apple和Spotify之間最大的區別,可能是Apple提供了Shazam數據,而這些數據將有助於藝人的巡演計劃和設立播放清單。


    Although Apple Music has consistently taken home the gold for paying artists the most per stream, but was coming up short in other artist services. In an effort to close that gap, the platform is now launching its 'Apple Music for Artists' feature, giving bands valuable insights into their audience.
    Even though Apple Music has always paid a lot more in per stream royalties than Spotify, artists and managers still felt something was missing. Spotify provides some deep insights into the listening audience thanks to its Spotify For Artists program, but now Apple has launched its own version of the program.
    The Apple Music For Artists program emerged from beta last week and is now available as both a desktop interface and a standalone mobile app (although only on iOS).
    The new feature allows artists to monitor the number of streams their music is getting on Apple Music as well as album/song sales on iTunes, and it updates daily.
    Artists can even discover how specific releases are performing in markets around the world right down to a city-level in over 100 countries. They can also monitor how many plays have been generated either by playlists or organically, and what position their track was placed on the lists. And they can also see how many of their streams are the result of suggestions by the algorithm versus active on-demand plays.
    Probably the biggest differentiator between what Apple and Spotify offers is that Apple features Shazam data (it acquired the company last year), so you’ll even see how often your songs were Shazamed.
    The one thing you won’t see though, is how all this translates into royalties. This means you can see the numbers, but not necessarily how much each one is worth. That’s because the royalty payout is based on a huge number of factors and Apple has never revealed its computational formula.
    That said, this data can be gold when it comes to helping artists to plan tours and set lists, not to mention discover places where your music is popular that you probably never knew about.