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  • BTS下一個直播將附帶為期一個月的虛擬展覽


    ◎K-Pop明星BTS已經成為疫情大封鎖期間直播的一大成功案例:6月的“ Bang Bang Con”演唱會,吸引756,000名付費客戶。
    ◎現在,他們正在展開一項更具野心的活動「Map of the Soul ON:E」,將在10月10日至11日的周末舉行,播出兩次。此外,還將在10月13日舉行為期一個月的虛擬展覽,名為「3D virtual space」,其中包括只有官方粉絲俱樂部成員才能購買的商品。
    ◎票務明細:一張一日票的單獨費用為49k韓元(約41.75美元),使用虛擬展覽會則為61000韓元(52美元)。展覽的兩天通行證費用為90k韓元(76.72美元)或101k韓元(86.09美元)。與“ Bang Bang Con”一樣,粉絲俱樂部成員可以享受折扣。


    K-Pop stars BTS are already one of the big success stories of lockdown livestreams: their ‘Bang Bang Con’ concert in June pulled in 756,000 paying customers.
    Now they’re following it up with an even more ambitious event. ‘Map of the Soul ON:E’ will take place on the weekend of 10-11 October, with two broadcasts.
    However, there’ll also be a month-long virtual exhibition opening on 13 October: a ‘3D virtual space’ according to Billboard, with merchandise including some that only official fan-club members can buy.
    There’s a breakdown of the ticketing here: a one-day ticket costs 49k won ($41.75) alone or 61k won ($52) with virtual exhibition access. A two-day pass costs 90k won ($76.72) or 101k won ($86.09) with the exhibition. Fan-club members, as with ‘Bang Bang Con’, can get discounts.