BTS Universe Story手機遊推出Android和iOS版

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  • BTS Universe Story手機遊推出Android和iOS版


    ◎K-Pop明星(BTS)推出的新手機遊戲已經上線了。Netmarble的(BTS Universe Story)可在Android和iOS商店下載,這是該樂團繼去年的(BTS World)之後,第二次涉足手機遊戲。
    ◎(BTS Universe Story)是BTS大軍所打造的:在(BTS Universe Story)中建立自己的動畫故事,樂團成員對此進行了介紹。Music Ally在該應用發布前一周進行測試,它給人留下了深刻的印象:它提供了一種簡單的模式來幫助歌迷創造故事,而更複雜的模式則用於那些真正想入迷的人。還有一種模式可以使用增強現實將動畫的BTS星星放置在您周圍的房間中,甚至可以以自己的Snapchat面具樣式,將其面孔套在照片和視頻上。


    The new mobile game for K-Pop stars BTS has gone live. Netmarble’s BTS Universe Story was made available for Android and for iOS overnight, and is the band’s second foray into mobile gaming following last year’s BTS World.
    As we recently reported, BTS Universe Story is about tapping the BTS Army’s creativity: creating their own animated stories set in the BTS Universe, featuring the band members.
    Music Ally has been testing the app out this week ahead of its release, and it’s impressive: with an easy mode to help fans create stories, and a more complex mode for those who really want to get stuck in.
    There’s also a mode to put the animated BTS stars in the room around you using augmented reality, or even to superimpose their faces on your own, Snapchat-mask style, for photos and videos.
    The game is free with in-app purchases for fans who want to buy in-game items and refill their ‘energy’.