BTS YouTube首映 破紀錄同時吸引154萬人眾觀看

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  • BTS YouTube首映 破紀錄同時吸引154萬人眾觀看


    ◎K-Pop明星BTS的最新音樂視頻《‘Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima’》。 該視頻是YouTube歷史上首播24小時第五大,但事實證明,它也以另一種方式創下了新紀錄。
    ◎BTS利用YouTube的“premiere”功能定時發布新視頻,並吸引粉絲一起觀看和聊天。根據YouTube的數據,有154萬人同時觀看首映。因此,它是迄今為止該平台上規模最大的YouTube首映,並且在最初的24小時內,幫助將視頻的觀看次數提高到了4650萬,即使這不能與有史以來24小時首映第一相提並論: BTS的《 Boy With Luv》,該視頻在收播24小時內獲得了7460萬觀看次數。


    Earlier this week, we reported on a strong start for K-Pop stars BTS’ latest music video, ‘Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima’, on YouTube. The video was the fifth biggest 24-hour debut in YouTube history, but it turns out it also set a new record in another way.
    BTS used YouTube’s ‘premiere’ feature to time-release the new video and get fans watching and chatting about it together. According to YouTube, 1.54 million concurrent viewers watched the premiere. It’s thus the biggest YouTube Premiere so far on the platform, and helped to drive the video to its 46.5m views in its first 24 hours – even if that couldn’t quite match up to the top 24-hour debut of all-time: ‘Boy With Luv’ by… BTS. That Halsey-featuring video got 74.6m views in its first 24 hours.