Cage The Elephant、Q Prime和Royalty Exchange一起重新定義音樂投資的規則

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  • Cage The Elephant、Q Prime和Royalty Exchange一起重新定義音樂投資的規則


    ◎Royalty Exchange通過其線上版稅交易市場實現了音樂投資得大眾化。現在,這家初創公司推出了私人的辛迪加(企業聯合組織),這是一種新的音樂版權融資計劃,Royalty Exchange稱私人辛迪加是「一種新型的版權融資機會,旨在將更大量的音樂目錄與經過認證的機構投資者進行配對。」而Cage The Elephant樂團和其經紀公司Q Prime是其第一批客戶。

    ◎在私人辛迪加之下,Royalty Exchange創建了特殊目的載體(SPV),用於保存像是Cage The Elephant等的音樂目錄。而經過認證的投資者可以購買該實體的股票,從而獲得其產生的版權使用費收入的比例份額。Royalty Exchange同意購買Cage The Elephant的共同出版曲目(涵蓋機械版權、公開表演權、影視同步使用版權和出版版稅串流)。這些曲目分佈在該樂團的前四張錄音室專輯中。

    ◎在短短兩年多的時間裡,Royalty Exchange已為音樂創作者籌集到了超過4000萬美元。該公司計劃在未來幾週推出其下一期的私人辛迪加產品。


    Royalty Exchange democratized music investments with its online royalty marketplace. Now the startup has launched private syndicates, a new kind of music royalty financing plan with Cage The Elephant and Q Prime as the first clients.

    Royalty Exchange calls Private Syndicates "a new type of royalty financing opportunity designed to pair larger music catalogs with accredited and institutional investors."

    Under Private Syndicates, Royalty Exchange creates Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) designed to hold music catalogs like that of Cage The Elephant. Accredited investors can then buy shares of that entity, which grants them a proportional share of the royalty income it generates. Royalty Exchange agreed to purchase Cage The Elephant's co-publishing catalog (which includes mechanical, public performance, sync, and print royalty streams). The catalog spans the band's first four studio albums.

    "Cage The Elephant is a band in their prime with a long career still ahead of them," band manager Cliff Burnstein of Q Prime said in a statement. "Private Syndicates give artists a strong financial foundation for both their personal and professional future, and shows Royalty Exchange can deliver results for any artist... from a single song to multimillion dollar catalogs. Financially empowering artists is the key to creative control, which is the most important factor to achieving true longevity."

    "It was an honor to work with Cage The Elephant and their representatives in this first Private Syndicate offering," Royalty Exchange CEO Matthew Smith added. "We expect other artists who share their vision of creative and financial freedom to follow their example."

    Royalty Exchange has now raised more than $40 million for music creators in just over two years. The company plans to introduce its next Private Syndicate offering in the weeks ahead.