Camila Cabello打破女歌手在Spotify上的紀錄

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  • Camila Cabello打破女歌手在Spotify上的紀錄

    ◎Camila Cabello成為第一位單獨一首歌曲在Spotify上有超過10億次串流的女藝人。這位21歲流行歌手的歌曲〈Havana〉於9月4日在Spotify達成超過10億次串流的里程碑。

    ◎Camila Cabello為此發了一則Twitter來慶祝,她寫道「我的心情現在已經飛到半空中了,因為〈Havana〉是第一首由女歌手演唱達到10億次串流的歌曲」。Camila Cabello的推文還搭配了一支粉絲在她的演唱會中跳舞的影片。


    Camila Cabello has become the first female artist to pass one billion streams of a single song on Spotify. The 21 year old pop singer's song "Havana" past the billion stream milestone on Monday, and she took to Twitter to celebrate.

    "my mood comin out of the plane right now cuz Havana is the first song by a female artist to reach a billion streams," Cabello captioned a video of a fan dancing at her show on Twitter.