Canalys預測 無線耳機和耳機 將迎來重要的一年

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  • Canalys預測 無線耳機和耳機 將迎來重要的一年


    ◎ Canalys表示,2019年第三季,全球個人智慧音頻設備市場成長53%,達到9670萬台。去年最後一季可望突破1億台大關,全年則可望突破3.5億台。
    ◎這個市場中最大的類別是「True Wireless Stereo」耳機,光是2019年第三季就出貨4300萬個耳機,其中Apple的AirPods是該領域最大的產品。


    Research firm Canalys expects wireless earphones and wireless headphones – ‘the smart personal audio device market’ – to have a very big 2020. “In Q3 2019, the worldwide smart personal audio device market grew 53% to reach 96.7 million units. And the segment is expected to break the 100 million unit mark in the final quarter, with potential to exceed 350 million units for the full year,” claimed Canalys. The biggest category within this market is ’True Wireless Stereo’ earphones, with 43m of them shipped in the third quarter of 2019 alone – Apple’s AirPods being the biggest product in that sector.