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    • 201812/2809:41
    ◎曾參與Discovery Weekly播放清單創建的兩位前Spotify員工已經在種子輪從Matrix募集到450萬美元的資金,發布了一款根據用戶偏好提供音樂、電影和其他推薦的應用程式,但該應用程式沒有與Spotify、Netflix、Facebook或其他任何平台共享數據。

    ◎這家位於布魯克林的初創公司Canopy的應用程式使用裝置上的機器學習來了解每個用戶喜歡什麼,以便它可以提供推薦。所有個人數據都會保留在手機上, Canopy不會看到個人資訊或追蹤用戶行為,該公司表示「我們不知道您的活動或您的歷史,實際上,甚至沒有註冊,無需登錄。」

    ◎Canopy創始人兼執行長Brian Whitman告訴Techcrunch,「隱私化的發掘一直沒有很好的解決方案。我們認為人們對隱私的保護沒有興趣的原因是他們從來沒有看到任何機會」。Brian Whitman從2000年以來就一直在做音樂推薦的研發,曾幫助建立並推出Spotify頗受歡迎的Discover Weekly播放清單,他在2015年離開了Spotify。他表示擔心「我們在演算法決策和個人化方面投入了太多力量,所有的個人資訊都被放在他們的伺服器上。就像最近Facebook的崩潰事件所顯示的,所有這些數據現在都被用來對付人,你得到了糟糕的推薦,糟糕的廣告,以及人們都變得激進化。」


    Two Spotify alumni involved in the creation of Discovery Weekly, have raised a $4.5 million seed round from Matrix to release an app that offers music, film and other recommendations based on user preferences, but without sharing data with Spotify, Netflix, Facebook or anyone else.

    The Brooklyn based startup Canopy's app uses on-device machine learning to understand what each user likes, so that it can offer recommendations. All personal data stays on their phone. Canopy doesn't see personal information or track behavior":

    "We don't know your activity or your history - in fact, there's not even a sign-up. No login required."

    "There hasn't been a great solution to private discovery. We think the reason people haven't been excited about privacy is that they haven't seen the opportunities," says Canopy founder and CEO Brian Whitman told Techcrunch. Whitman helped build and launch Spotify's popular Discover Weekly.

    "I've been doing music recommendation stuff since 2000," Whitman continued. He left Spotify in 2015, concerned about "how much power we had put in algorithmic decision making and personalization. All your information goes to their servers. As recent Facebook debacles show, "All this data is now being used against people. You're getting bad recommendations, bad ads, and people are being radicalized."

    "We are totally changing the value exchange of the internet," added Annika Goldman, Canopy's head of product strategy and former Spotidyu director of Music Publishing.