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    • 201907/1506:24

    ◎挪威音樂公司Arctic Rights Management的聯合創始人宣布了一項名為Capital in Music的新項目的計劃。Erik Brataas將從他在Arctic Rights Management的職位上請假6個月,以領導該計劃。

    ◎Capital in Music是由五家在音樂、金融和科技/新創領域的不同公司所創立的項目,該項目旨在針對音樂產業和其他創意產業的發展私人投資實體的前提、框架和需求進行決定。


    The co-founder of Norwegian music firm Arctic Rights Management has announced plans for a new project called Capital in Music. Erik Brataas will be taking a six-month leave from his position at Arctic Rights to lead the initiative.

    "Capital in Music is a project founded by five different companies in the space of music, finance and tech/startup," he explained in a public Facebook post announcing the news. "The CIM project aims to determine the premises, framework and demand for developing a private investment entity targeting the music industry and other creative industries." Brataas went on to explain that his experience at Arctic Rights (and before that at distributor Phonofile) taught him that "lack of capital is a significant reason for why local rights are sold to multinational companies". Hence the new idea. "Can we bridge private capital with local music rightsholders and project owners to improve competitive ability in a global market?" Brataas stressed that he remains a board member at Arctic Rights alongside the new project.