Carrie Underwood成為鄉村音樂的最暢銷數位歌手

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  • Carrie Underwood成為鄉村音樂的最暢銷數位歌手


    ◎隨著有將近24首的冠軍單曲及銷售超過2800萬張,Carrie Underwood已成為數位音樂世界裡的最暢銷鄉村歌手。Carrie Underwood加入暢銷歌手之列,其他歌手如Jason Aldean去年夏天以2150萬張的數位銷售成績成為最暢銷鄉村男歌手;另外還有全球的流行歌手Katy Perry和Taylor Swift,兩人和Carrie Underwood都是不分音樂種類的排行前五名女歌手。

    ◎Carrie Underwood近來有兩項重大的突破,她的《Before He Cheats》榮獲5白金唱片認證,這首單曲也讓她成為一首單曲的數位銷售破500萬張的5位鄉村歌手之一;最新單曲《Little Toy Guns》也榮獲金唱片認證,同時,她2014年的精選輯《Greatest Hits: Decade #1》持續打破紀錄,成為過去10年最暢銷的專輯之一,其中的第一首單曲《Something in the Water》更賣了超過100萬張。

    ◎Carrie Underwood的最新專輯目前正在籌備中,發行日期尚未宣布,但她已透露專輯靈感來自她當母親後的新生活體驗。


    With more than 28 million sales of nearly two dozen Number One singles, Carrie Underwood has become the top-selling country artist in the digital world. She joins bestsellers like Jason Aldean, who was crowned the top-selling male country artist last summer with 21.5 million digital sales, as well as global pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, both of whom are ranked alongside Underwood in the Top Five all-genre list of female singers.

    The news arrives on the heels of two new feats: the five-times platinum certification of "Before He Cheats," whose ongoing success makes Underwood one of five country artists to sell five million digital copies of a single song, and the gold certification of her newest single, "Little Toy Guns." Meanwhile, Greatest Hits: Decade #1 continues to break records as one of the best-selling hits albums of the past decade, with the record's first single, "Something in the Water," selling more than a million copies.

    Underwood will stay in the awards-season spirit this Fall, when she co-hosts the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the eighth consecutive year. A new studio album is also in the works, although Underwood — who will reportedly draw inspiration from her new experiences with motherhood — has not announced a release date.

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