CD Baby分銷北美地區50%的自助發行的新音樂,出版100萬首歌曲

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  • CD Baby分銷北美地區50%的自助發行的新音樂,出版100萬首歌曲

    ◎CD Baby是一家為獨立音樂人倡導以及做分銷商而聞名的公司,現在還負責管理超過50個國家的16萬名詞曲創作者的100多萬首歌曲的出版。他們的核心分銷業務也在蓬勃發展。

    ◎CD Baby估計由他們分銷的曲目約佔Spotify和大多數其他音樂串流媒體上可聆聽曲目的35%,這個令人印象深刻的佔比還在持續增加中。該公司表示,它目前每天提供2,000首新曲目,估計在北美地區,有50%的藝人自助發行的新音樂是透過該公司的服務。音樂出版現在已成為CD Baby推動藝人服務的核心組成部分,超越了音樂分銷和銷售。其他CD Baby的附加服務包括行銷工具、教育和YouTube的獲利變現。CD Baby目前在全球擁有135名員工。


    [UPDATED] CD Baby, a company best known as a distributor of and advocate for independent musicians, now also administers the publishing of more than a million songs for 160,000 songwriters in over 50 countries. Their core distribution business is booming, as well.

    CD Baby estimates that their distributed catalog accounts for about 35% of the tracks available on Spotify and most other music streamers; and that impressive percentage is growing. The company says that it is delivering 2,000 new tracks a day or an estimated 50% of the new music self-released by artists in North America.

    Music publishing has now become the core component of CD Baby's push into artist services beyond music distribution and sales. Other CD Baby add-on services include marketing tools, education and YouTube monetization.

    "I'm very pleased with the growth in our publishing administration business in the five short years since we launched it," CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux tells Hypebot. "Moreover, we're helping songwriters get their music live on platforms like Amazon Unlimited and Pandora, and even helping collect mechanical royalties in other parts of the world where these writers would never know to look! It's a great win for the songwriter/artist!"

    CD Baby has 135 staffers worldwide.