CD Baby的DIY音樂人大會將搬到德州奧斯汀舉行

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  • CD Baby的DIY音樂人大會將搬到德州奧斯汀舉行


    ◎CD Baby的DIY音樂人大會從納許維爾搬到奧斯汀舉行,以「與另一個音樂城市的音樂人新社群建立起聯繫。」2019年8月16日至18日,將在奧斯汀市中心的希爾頓飯店舉辦演講、工作坊、輔導、即興合奏空間等活動。

    ◎CD Baby的Kevin Breuner解釋道「CD Baby密切關注藝人的需求,我們知道他們經常尋求有真正的行動計劃及有用的建議和鼓勵,而不是在面對主流唱片公司的抽象業務問題時會遇到的另一群小組。」



    CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference is moving from Nashville to Austin " to connect with a fresh community of musicians in another deeply musical city." Presentations, workshops, mentoring, jam rooms and more will be held at the downtown Hilton August 16-18, 2019.

    "CD Baby pays close attention to what our artists need," explains Kevin Breuner of CD Baby. "We know they are often hungry for a real plan of action, for helpful advice and encouragement, not for another panel on abstract business issues facing major labels."

    The focus is on accessible, actionable ideas and tips that work for musicians at a variety of place in their careers.

    "The magnitude of this experience has been amazing. It exceeded my expectations beyond belief," says indie-soul singer-songwriter AHI. "(NPR Music's) Bob Boilen said I was his favorite new discovery. I'm on clouds. The DIY Musician Conference changed my life." Boilen went on to invite AHI for a Tiny Desk Concert.