CD Baby與墨西哥表演權組織SACM合作幫助墨西哥的獨立藝人及創作者

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  • CD Baby與墨西哥表演權組織SACM合作幫助墨西哥的獨立藝人及創作者


    ◎CD Baby與墨西哥唯一的表演權組織SACM合作。作為結盟的一部分,SACM已將CD Baby命名為其「首選」分銷商,CD Baby將為SACM會員提供免費提交作品至所有的數位音樂服務發行。

    ◎根據與SACM的新協議,CD Bay將對標準的CD Baby提交程序免除預付費用並免費提供通用產品代碼(UPC)。跟一般相同,CD Baby將每週支付藝人其收取到的所有版稅的91%,且不會有合約或保證承諾。這兩個組織也承諾將共同開發其他服務並整合工作,使墨西哥的作曲家和表演者受益。

    ◎SACM代表超過一半的墨西哥藝人,這是SACM第一次簽署這樣的協議。SACM的國際總監Emer Villalobos Saunders認為這項協議「是一項歷史性的協議」。


    CD Baby has partnered with SACM, Mexico's only Performance Rights Organization. As part of the alliance, SACM has named CD Baby as their "preferred" distributor, and CD Baby will offer free submissions for SACM members to all digital music services.

    Under the new deal with SACM CD Bay will waive its up front fees for a standard CD Baby submission with free UPC code. As usual, CD Baby will pay 91% of all royalties collected to artists on a weekly basis, and there are no contracts or commitments.

    The two organizations are also promising jointly develop additional services and integrate efforts to benefit composers and performers in Mexico.

    Representing more than half of all Mexican artists, this is the first time SACM has inked such an agreement. Emer Villalobos Saunders, Director of International at SACM, sees this agreement as "a historic agreement and a culmination of a long-time mission to bring artists in Mexico a viable and trustworthy way to distribute their music.

    "The alliance between CD Baby and SACM gives independent artists in Mexico a rock-solid foundation and a support system that will help them lead the way far into the future," says Heli Del Moral, CD Baby's VP of International Development. "For CD Baby, we feel this demonstrates our commitment to one of the world's top streaming music markets."