CD Baby與CloudBounce達成新的合作進行母帶製作

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  • CD Baby與CloudBounce達成新的合作進行母帶製作


    ◎CD Baby與CloudBounce達成新的合作,意味著CD Baby的用戶現在可以透過他們的CD Baby控制台迅速的進行音樂母帶製作,一首曲目只需4.90美元。這家初創公司是Abbey Road Red音樂科技孵化器的畢業生。

    ◎CD Baby的行銷副總裁Kevin Breuner表示,「獨立藝人社群中的一大部分人正在徹底改變他們發布音樂的方式,他們一旦完成歌曲肯定就會進行發行,而不是傳統的發行專輯。隨著藝人越來越多是發行單曲,這讓他們的母帶製作擁有適合他們的預算和工作流程的選項。CloudBounce確保這些藝人的母帶錄音具有完全專業的聲音所需的最後處理。」使用即時、由演算法驅動的母帶處理,把較高解析度的檔案(24-bit的WAV檔或AIFF檔)上傳到一個單獨的伺服器上,只要幾分鐘,母帶製作的過程就會完成,藝人可以接受最後的版本或藉由一些設置來調整結果進行修補。

    ◎CloudBounce執行長Anssi Uimonen解釋,「母帶製作錄音師可以做出驚人的作品,但並非所有藝人或所有的項目都可以獲得這樣的服務。自動母帶製作對自己當經紀人的藝人和新興的藝人是完美的解決方案。經由母帶製作後的錄音聽起來更專業,這樣的打磨使作品更有可能被放進高流量的播放清單中。它應該成為所有藝人的標準。」


    A new partnership with CloudBounce means that CD Baby users can now instantly master music from within their CD Baby dashboard for just $4.90 a track. The startup is an Abbey Road Red music tech incubator graduate.

    "A large segment of the indie artist community is drastically changing how they release music. There is definitely a shift to releasing songs as soon as they are finished instead of the traditional album release," says Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby. "As artists release more and more singles, this gives them mastering options that fit within their budget and workflow. CloudBounce ensures these artists' master recordings have the final touches needed to sound totally pro." With instant, algorithm-driven mastering, a higher-res file (24-bit WAV or AIFF) is uploaded onto a separate server, and within minutes, the mastering process is complete. Artists can then accept the final cut or tinker with a number of settings to tweak the results.

    "Mastering engineers can do amazing work, but aren't always accessible to all artists or right for all projects. Automated mastering is a perfect solution for self-managed and emerging artists," explains CloudBounce CEO Anssi Uimonen. "A mastered recording simply sounds more professional, giving it that polish that makes it far more likely to get it onto a high-trafficked playlist. It should be the standard for all artists."

    "We're excited to fold yet another key service for artists into our dashboard," says Breuner. "It's part of our mission to support indie artists every step of the way, as they find the right strategy for releasing and promoting their music."