CD Baby與Cosynd合作提供負擔得起的法律服務平台

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  • CD Baby與Cosynd合作提供負擔得起的法律服務平台

    ◎CD Baby與Cosynd合作,提供負擔得起價格的法律服務平台以記錄內容的所有權。該合作夥伴關係將於近期啟動,將使會員能夠制定基本的版權所有權協議和分割表之後在美國版權局註冊。CD Baby的會員將獲得可免費使用Cosynd的Essential和Premium兩種方案1個月的資格,這將使他們能夠創建無限制的版權分割表、完整的版權所有權協議以及工作僱用協議。


    ◎Cosynd執行長Jessica Sobhraj表示「更多的內容正在被創造出來,且比以往任何時候都有更多機會讓這些內容獲利。如果你是創作者,從一開始就記錄你的版權所有權是至關重要的一步,否則將無法獲得報酬!爭議出現,責任增加,訴訟隨之而來,我們都會遭受損失」。無論是創建快速拆分表格還是更廣泛的版權所有權協議,Cosynd都會幫助創作者透過提出一系列非法律問題來建立客製化的協議。


    CD Baby has partnered with Cosynd to offer an affordable legal services platform to document ownership of content. Launching next month, the partnership will enable members to create basic copyright ownership agreements and split sheets, and then to register with the U.S. Copyright Office.

    CD Baby members will receive 1 month of free access to Cosynd's Essential and Premium tiers, which will enable them to create unlimited copyright split sheets, full copyright ownership agreements and work for hire agreements.

    An estimated $2.5 billion in "black box" royalties have gone unclaimed, because of a lack of available ownership data. Creators seeking to resolve matters of ownership and infringement are ineligible to file lawsuits unless they have registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, and without an ownership agreement, collaborators that created a copyright have an equal claim of ownership and rights by default, regardless of the size of their contribution under U.S. copyright law.

    "There is more content being created and more opportunities to monetize that content than ever before. If you're a creator, documenting ownership of your copyrights is a crucial step from the beginning - otherwise you won't get paid! Disputes arise, liability increases, lawsuits ensue, and we all suffer the losses," says Jessica Sobhraj, CEO of Cosynd.

    Whether creating a fast split sheet or a more extensive copyright ownership agreement, Cosynd walks creators through building a custom agreement by asking a series of questions in non-legalese.

    "Making it easy for artists to manage the rights around their music catalog is a key part of being a total monetization solution. Our partnership with Cosynd provides these tools in a very accessible way," says Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby.