Chrysalis 重新啟動一線唱片公司

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  • Chrysalis 重新啟動一線唱片公司


    ◎指標性唱片公司Chrysalis Records宣布將重新啟動其一線唱片公司的地位,並在二十多年來,首次發行新音樂。
    ◎為重新啟動,Chrysalis與布魯克林獨立唱片公司Partisan Records合作,共同簽約了英國歌手/詞曲作者(Laura Marling)。
    ◎Chrysalis Records成立於1968年,70年代和80年代曾發行包括:(Jethro Tull,) (Billy Idol),( Blondie),( Pat Benatar),( Huey Lewis and the News),( Ultravox)等大咖藝人與團體。


    Iconic record label Chrysalis Records has announced it will be relaunching as a frontline label and to release new music for the first time in more than two decades.
    To kick off the re-launch Chrysalis has partnered with Brooklyn-based indie label Partisan Records to co-sign British singer/songwriter Laura Marling. As part of the deal, Marling will release her follow-up to 2017’s Semper Femina later this year.
    Further signings to Chrysalis will be revealed in the coming months.
    Founded in 1968, Chrysalis broke and developed some of the biggest acts of the ’70s and ’80s, including Jethro Tull, Billy Idol, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis and the News, and Ultravox, among others.