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  • Cloudflare面臨音樂權利人的新法律訴訟


    ◎這起事件緣起於一個名為「DDL-Music」的盜版網站,由於德國Universal Music提出法律訴訟,使用者突然無法使用該網站,法院判決建議,如果Cloudflare沒有採取行動,可能必須對網站上的侵權客戶負責。


    Cloudflare is the technology company that helps a range of websites fend off security threats and speed up people’s access to their content. It’s also controversial though, because some of those clients are piracy sites.
    Cloudflare has regularly been cited by music industry rightsholders as a problem, because they see it as protecting sites that are infringing copyright. Anyway, there’s been a legal development that will please the rightsholders: TorrentFreak reports that a court has ordered Cloudflare to “prevent access to pirated music or face fines or prison”.
    The story is based on a piracy site called DDL-Music, which suddenly became unavailable to visitors as a result of legal action from Universal Music in Germany, and a court ruling that seemingly suggested that Cloudflare COULD be held liable for copyright infringement on the sites of its clients, if it did not take action against them when asked.
    A preliminary injunction against Cloudflare was issued at the end of January, which threatened a fine of up to €250k or even a prison sentence for the company’s managing director. DDL-Music has since switched to another, similar company for Cloudflare-like services, so a game of whack-a-mole is underway.