Clubbing Live 直播電子音樂活動

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  • Clubbing Live 直播電子音樂活動


    ◎2020年會有大量的直播公司成立,但一家成立10年之久、名為Clubbing TV的公司,已擁有超過1500小時的電子音樂串流。現在,它推出了一個名為Clubbing·live的新產品,它被形容為是一個合法且經許可的電子音樂直播平台。


    There are plenty of livestreaming startups popping up in 2020, but a company called Clubbing TV has been doing it for a decade, with more than 1,500 hours of electronic-music streams under its belt already. Now it’s launching something new called Clubbing·live, which it’s describing as (crucially, given recent tensions around DJ streams on Twitch) a “legal and licensed livestreaming platform” for electronic music.
    It’s promising a mixture of DJ sets, live performances, interviews and even ‘3D virtual experiences’ after its launch this weekend (28 November). The company is keen for clubs, festivals, promoters and DJs to pre-register if they want to find out more about how the platform will work.