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  • Coachella音樂節是否已經失去了魅力?Instagram的數據有答案


    ◎Coachella音樂節是否已經失去了魅力?根據Instagram的數據顯示,Burning Man音樂節現在是世界上被Instagram發文最多的音樂節,擊敗了Coachella奪下冠軍位置。去參加Burning Man音樂節的Instagram用戶平均會在活動進行中發文24次,而去參加Coachella音樂節的人則為21次。

    ◎Burning Man音樂節的數據會特別令人佩服是因為參加Burning Man音樂節的人數約為8萬人,比參與Coachella音樂節的9.9萬人少了將近20%。



    Has Coachella lost its cool? Burning Man is now the most Instagramed festival in the world, beating out Coachella for the top spot. An Instagram user at Burning Man will post an 24 times over the course of the event, compared to 21 times at Coachella.

    The Burning Man stat is particualrly impressive since about 80,000 people or almost 20% fewer attend the gathering vs. Coachella at 99,000.

    More Instagram fest stat highlights:

    Festival-goers are posting 5 times more at summer music fests than they did in 2017.

    6 of the top 10 most Insta obsessive festivals come from the US.

    Craziest festival trend of the summer is the 'Janties' - a mix between jeans & pants. Searches for 'Janties' have shot up by over +1000% in the last month alone.