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  • Coachella音樂節的半徑條款訴訟暫時被法官駁回



    ◎根據Billboard的報導,美國聯邦法官Michael Mosman批准了AEG的駁回動議,但拒絕對該訴訟的關鍵要素作出裁決。法官還表示向提出訴訟的Soul'd Out音樂節敞開大門,最遲可以在10月25日之前提交修改後的訴訟。

    ◎該訴訟是於4月時由奧勒岡州Soul'd Out音樂節的製作人所提出,他們聲稱Coachella音樂節的表演合約中的半徑條款具有反競爭性,並且「把市場上的氧氣吸走了」,尤其會影響到較小規模的音樂節。該條款今年早些時候被Amplify和Billboard的Dave Brooks報導出來,影響的範圍涵蓋了整個北美地區,禁止想要在Coachella表演的藝人於12月15日至5月1日的期間在其他音樂節中演出。


    A radius and anti-competition lawsuit filed against AEG and their festival promoter Goldenvoice over clauses in contracts for their Coachella festival has been partially dismissed by a federal judge.

    According to Billboard, US federal judge Michael Mosman granted AEG's motion to dismiss but declined to rule on key elements of the suit. The judge also left the door open for Soul'd Out to file an amended complaint by Oct. 25, Billboard reported.

    "Establishing the correct product market is something the courts require with a degree of particularity [in regards to anti-trust complaints]," Nika Aldrich, an attorney who filed the suit against Goldenvoice told Billboard.

    The suit, filed by the producers of Oregon festival Soul'd Out in April, alleged that the radius clause in Coachella's performance contract was anti-competitive, and "sucked the oxygen" out of the market, especially for smaller festivals. The clause, which Dave Brooks of Amplify and Billboard noted earlier this year encompassed effectively all of North America, barred artists who wanted to perform at Coachella from playing at other festivals in the radius from Dec. 15 to May 1.