Concord Music收購了Independiente Records唱片公司

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  • Concord Music收購了Independiente Records唱片公司

    ◎Concord Music收購了總部位於倫敦的Independiente Records唱片公司。 Independiente目前是蘇格蘭搖滾樂團Travis以及Embrace、So Solid Crew、Archive、Martina Topley-Bird和Paul Weller等歌手的唱片公司。該交易的財務條款尚未披露。

    ◎Independiente是由唱片公司資深人士Andy McDonald在1997年把他的第一個唱片廠牌Go! Discs以3000萬美元賣給Polygram唱片公司之後成立的,自2009年以來,Independiente停止發行新藝人的作品,並為其現存的曲目在影視同步配樂業務上有成功的發展。

    ◎Independiente旗下最暢銷的藝人Travis以1999年發行的《The Man Who》專輯首次在國際上獲得成功,這張專輯拿下英國排行榜冠軍且已經賣出超過350萬張。Travis接著2001年推出的專輯《The Invisible Band》也在英國排行榜拿下第一名,其中收錄有電台熱播單曲〈Sing〉和〈Flowers in the Window〉。另外,其旗下的錄音藝人Embrace以兩張專輯《Out of Nothing》和《New Day》拿下英國榜冠軍;So Solid Crew的熱門單曲〈21 Seconds〉在發行時也同樣登上冠軍寶座。


    Concord Music has acquired the London-based record label Independiente Records. Independiente currently serves as a label home to the Scottish rock band Travis, as well as Embrace, So Solid Crew, Archive, Martina Topley-Bird and Paul Weller, among others.

    Independiente was launched by label veteran Andy McDonald in 1997 after he sold his first label Go! Discs to Polygram Records for a reported $30 million. Since 2009, Independiente stopped releasing material by new artists and has built a successful sync business for its existing catalog.

    Independiente's best selling artist Travis first scored international success with the 1999 release of The Man Who. The album peaked at #1 on the UK Chart and has since shifted more than 3.5 million copies.

    Travis' 2001 follow-up, The Invisible Band, also reached #1 on the UK Chart with the radio hits "Sing" and "Flowers in the Window."

    Independiente also found #1 UK Chart success with recording artist Embrace and two of their releases, Out of Nothing and This New Day. So Solid Crew's hit "21 Seconds" likewise found its way to the #1 position upon release.

    "It was very important to me to hand over this collected body of work to a label who both understands and respects the work that has been put in from the artists and label staff and it was immediately apparent from our meetings with Scott [Pascucci] and Steve that they tick both of those boxes and more. Concord Music has assembled a fantastic universe of brilliant music over the years and I am proud to see Independiente become an important part of that picture," Macdonald said.

    The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.