(Daddy Yankee)在YouTub年終音樂錄影帶排行榜上名列前茅

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  • (Daddy Yankee)在YouTub年終音樂錄影帶排行榜上名列前茅


    ◎YouTube平台今年十大音樂錄影帶中,有七個來自拉丁藝人,由(Daddy Yankee)和(Snow)的《Con Calma》拿下第一。實際上,拉丁音樂在YouTube排行榜中排名前五,而(Shawn Mendes)和(Camila Cabello)的《Señorita》則排在第六位。Blackpink、Billie Eilish和Ariana Grande及另外一位拉丁藝人Maluma也躋身前十。
    ◎《Con Calma》自1月23日發布以來,觀看人次超過15.8億次。


    Step back and consider this sentence for a minute, from a Billboard news story: “YouTube unveiled its year-end stats on Tuesday (Nov. 19)”. The nineteenth of November, with 11.5% of the year still to go. Maybe it’s some kind of nefarious anti-Mariah plot. Anyway, year-end stats it is, and there is at least the continuation of an interesting trend to report: the popularity of Latin American music on YouTube.
    Seven of the top 10 music videos on the platform this year are by Latin artists, led by Daddy Yankee and Snow’s ‘Con Calma’. In fact, Latin tracks took a clean sweep of the top five places in YouTube’s chart, followed by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s ‘Señorita’ in sixth spot. Blackpink, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande also make the top 10, along with another Latin artist, Maluma.
    Top-ranked ‘Con Calma’ has racked up 1.58bn views of its official video since its release on 23 January.