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  • Deezer使用AI過濾掉褻瀆歌曲


    ◎Spotify推出了「Spotify Kids」應用程式,部分目的是使父母放心,他們的孩子在播放音樂時不會遇到成人用語。現在,(Deezer)也正在研究確保家庭聆聽時,不會有這類尷尬意外發生。
    ◎歌詞篩選工具Spleeter背後的團隊添加了“關鍵字發現系統”,可以識別語言,並將歌曲標記為露骨。Deezer的研究主管Manuel Moussallam解釋,要弄清楚什麼是明確、正確的歌詞,尚無普遍共識。這顯然是一個文化問題,需要針對目標受眾和收聽環境進行很多考慮,問題是在唱片公司工作人員是否明確為歌曲標示。Deezer表示,這項工具可以幫助,而不是取代負責為髒話標記歌曲的人。


    Spotify launched its Spotify Kids app partly to reassure parents that their children would not encounter ripe phraseology when streaming music. Now Deezer is also looking into the challenge of ensuring family listening doesn’t accidentally turn the air a distinct shade of blue.
    The team behind its Spleeter stem-isolating tool have added in a ‘Keyword Spotting System’ that can identify rum language, and flag songs as explicit. Manuel Moussallam, Deezer’s director of research, has posted a blog explaining the how and the why of it all. “When it comes to figuring out what explicit lyrics are, there is no general consensus,” he writes. “It’s obviously a cultural issue, with lots of considerations about the intended audience and the listening context.” He says the issue is at the ingestion stage as label staff are the ones making the call if a track should be tagged with an “E” for explicit or not. “When no tag is provided, it can mean that the song is suitable for all audiences, but it can also mean that no decision was made on the label’s side regarding its explicitness,” says Moussallam. “There is a substantially large part of our catalog that falls under this category.” Deezer says this tool is there to assist, rather than replace, the person tasked with tagging songs for swearwords.