Def Leppard在Spotify Singles獨家內容中翻唱Depeche Mode的〈Personal Jesus〉

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  • Def Leppard在Spotify Singles獨家內容中翻唱Depeche Mode的〈Personal Jesus〉


    ◎Def Leppard樂團在其Spotify Singles的新版本中發布了翻唱Depeche Mode新浪潮經典歌曲〈Personal Jesus〉的版本,Spotify Singles是Spotify為持續提供獨家內容而規劃的單元之一;由於對這首歌的反應非常熱烈,Def Leppard將會在其現場演出中加入這首歌的演唱。

    ◎Spotify Singles於2016年推出,其規劃是由藝人現場錄製兩首歌曲,一首原創一首翻唱,僅在Spotify上發行。Def Leppard在其中也重新錄製了他們的經典歌曲〈Hysteria〉,兩首歌曲都是5月16日在Spotify於紐約市的錄音室現場錄製完成。


    Def Leppard unleashes a cover of Depeche Mode's new wave classic 'Personal Jesus' in the new installment of Spotify Singles, one of the streamer's increasing efforts to offer exclusive content. Reaction has been so positive that the band added it to its live set.

    Spotify Singles was launched in 2016 and features artists recording at two live songs - an original and a cover - for release exclusively on Spotify. Def Leppard aslo re-recorded their classic "Hysteria." Both were recorded live on May 16th at the Spotify studio in New York City.