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  • Discogs為專業唱片銷售商、音樂收藏家添加了庫存平台




    ◎利用科技、數據、自動化和優化,NearMint正在為實體音樂產業構建一個中央業務平台,以Discogs的數據為核心,Discogs Marketplace則為其首要銷售渠道。


    Music marketplace and community Discogs has launched NearMint, a new software platform for professional sellers.

    NearMint was created to help professional and hobbyist music sellers manage their inventory and business more effectively. The platform already manages over 1.9M inventory items for a number of large sellers who were part of the beta program, and will soon roll out further to sellers worldwide.

    Using technology, data, automation, and optimization that plug into a connected, multi-channel world, NearMint is building a central business platform for the physical music industry, with Discogs data at its core and the Discogs Marketplace as its premier sales channel.

    "For years I ran a small business on Discogs as a side hustle, always looking for better ways to minimize the mundane data processes to focus my time on finding better collections to buy and grow the business," said NearMint creator and Managing Director Daniel Spijker. "I had been looking for a tech solution for a long time, but never found something and eventually started working on my own, which turned into NearMint."

    NearMint offers direct integration to Discogs for creating new listings one by one in a streamlined listing flow, or in bulk with advanced file upload and auto-matching functionality. To better manage their inventory, sellers can add tags and use message templates, and always have access to the latest Discogs marketplace stats. . Sellers can easily change prices per item or in bulk, and add promotional texts to let our users know about it.