DJ Khaled、Maren Morris等將參與Pandora的「Sound of Summer」系列活動

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  • DJ Khaled、Maren Morris等將參與Pandora的「Sound of Summer」系列活動


    ◎串流服務Pandora與DJ Khaled、Maren Morris、Thomas Rhett、Natti Natasha和Dalex等藝人合作,為即將到來的夏季再度舉行其「Sound On」系列的第三次活動。

    ◎Pandora的「Sound of Summer」活動,旨在「激勵聽眾走出去,發現他們獨特的本季歌曲」,其中包括為用戶個人量身定制的個人化播放清單、「夏日之歌」預測以及獨家現場直播美國各地的演出和活動。夏季版的該活動是第三次舉辦,之前Pandora分別於2018年11月和2019年3月推出冬季和春季的「Sound On」活動。

    ◎Pandora已於5月22日舉辦官方的「Sound of Summer」啟動儀式。其他「Sound of Summer」相關活動也將在Hangout音樂節、Electric Forest音樂節、Firefly音樂節、Bumbershoot音樂及藝術節、CMA音樂節和WorldPride音樂節中舉行。


    Pandora is teaming with DJ Khaled, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, Natti Natasha and Dalex among others for the third edition of its recurring "Sound On" series for the upcoming summer season.

    The streaming service's "Sound of Summer" campaign, which is geared towards "inspiring listeners to get out and discover their unique songs of the season," includes personalized playlists tailored to individual users, "songs of summer" predictions and exclusive live experiences and activations across the U.S.

    "As the temperature heats up, so does the speculation over what will become this year's song of summer," said Pandora VP brand marketing & communications Brad Minor in a statement. "The reality is, everyone's song of summer is different and is revealed over time. At Pandora, we want to create inspiring experiences on our platform — and out in the world — to empower our listeners to discover the unique summer soundtrack that helps them live their lives at full volume."

    The summer iteration follows the company's winter and spring "Sound On" campaigns, which were launched in November 2018 and March 2019, respectively.

    "Every season has a different mood," adds Lauren Nagel, VP & executive creative director at Pandora. "Our approach to this campaign has shifted away from the comfort of winter and newness of spring to a more carefree and celebratory vision for the summer. At Pandora, we know summer can sound like more than just a song. It's about all the different sounds that enhance every summer moment — from the vacation-perfect playlist, to the podcast that opens your world, to the it's-still-light-out lyrics. Summer is better with sound on."

    Pandora will host an official "Sound of Summer" kick-off party on May 22. Additional "Sound of Summer" activations are also set to pop up at Hangout Fest, Electric Forest, Firefly Music Festival, Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, CMA Fest and WorldPride.