Don’t be that guy’–澳洲音樂界與騷擾抗爭

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  • Don’t be that guy’–澳洲音樂界與騷擾抗爭


    ◎澳洲音樂界內外最近幾週出現了一系列有關性騷擾的故事。現在,業界正聚焦解決該問題。這項倡議被稱為音樂行業合作承諾「Music Industry Collaborative Commitment」,由(The Brag Media MD Poppy Reid)和藝人經理(Mick Walsh)共同創立。
    ◎這是一項涵蓋與性別,性,種族,年齡,能力和少數群體地位有關的歧視,騷擾和虐待的承諾,到目前為止,該承諾已經得到了多家音樂公司的支持,包括(Air BMG),(Downtown Music Publishing),(Cooking Vinyl)和(Musiio)。目標是在建立寫作或錄製會議,拍照,彩排和任何形式的會議時,廣泛採用該承諾,以將尊重和安全列入議程,為適當的行為提供一些指導,以便各方可以致力於在他們見面之前,創造一個安全的環境。
    ◎該承諾將以“Don’t Be That Guy”的口號進行宣傳。


    Recent weeks have seen a series of stories about sexual harassment in and around the Australian music industry. Now the industry is coming together around an initiative to tackle the issue.
    It’s called the Music Industry Collaborative Commitment, and has been co-founded by The Brag Media MD Poppy Reid and artist manager Mick Walsh.
    It’s a pledge covering “discrimination, harassment, and abuse related to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability, and minority status” that already has the backing of a number of music companies, including Air BMG, Downtown Music Publishing, Cooking Vinyl and Musiio so far.
    “The goal is that the Commitment is widely adopted when setting up writing or recording sessions, photoshoots, rehearsals, and any kind of meeting – to put respect and safety on the agenda, provide some guidelines on appropriate behaviour, and so that all parties can commit to creating a safe environment before they meet,” is the thinking behind it.
    The pledge will be promoted under the slogan ‘Don’t Be That Guy‘.