Drake和The Weeknd最近都面臨其歌曲遭訴訟的狀況

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    • 201812/2809:39
    ◎兩位流行音樂界最大咖的明星最近都面臨其熱門歌曲遭訴訟的狀況。Drake被指控未經許可對爵士樂曲目進行取樣,而The Weeknd則是歌曲遭指控剽竊。

    ◎Drake於2014年被Jimmy Smith的遺產管理人以及音樂出版公司Hebrew Hustle起訴,兩者都指責他在歌曲〈Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2〉中取樣了Jimmy Smith的作品。根據The Blast的報導,Hebrew Hustle提供了希望出庭的證人名單,其中包括Drake的名字。Drake否認有關他未經許可使用這首歌的指控,並反駁Hebrew Hustle,聲稱該公司未經他的許可就在其網站上使用他的照片,使他看起來有與該公司合作並認可其工作。

    ◎Brian Clover、Scott McCulloch和Billy Smith三位英國詞曲創作者則指控葛萊美獎獲獎者The Weeknd,在2016年的《Starboy》專輯中的歌曲〈A Lonely Night〉以他們2004年的歌曲〈I Need to Love〉為範本來創作,不過The Weeknd的法律團隊否認了這一說法。Brian Clover表示他們三人曾試圖透過唱片公司出售一些歌曲,其中包括這首歌,然而在沒有找到買家後,這些歌的權利於2016年11月回到他們手上。根據BBC的報導,Brian Clover最初寫信給The Weeknd的經紀公司希望達成協議,但他的請求被否決了。據報導,這三人自2018年初以來就一直鎖定在與The Weeknd的陣營進行庭審程序。


    Two of popular music's biggest stars are the latest to face lawsuits over their hit songs. Darake is accused of sampling a jazz track with out permission and The Weeknd faces a charge of song plagiarism.

    A jury trial that would determine if Drake misappropriated music of jazz musician Jimmy Smith is looming, with Drake on the plaintiff's witness list.

    Drake was sued by the estate of Smith and music publishing company Hebrew Hustle in 2014, both of which accused him of using a sample of Smith's on the song "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2" which, includes a shout-out to Live Nation chief Michael Rapino.

    Hebrew Hustle has provided its witness list and it includes Drake's name as one of the main people they want to call to the stand, according to The Blast.

    Drake has denied the accusations that he has used the song without permission and countersued Hebrew Hustle, claiming it was using his image on its website without his permission, making it appear he worked with the company and endorsed its work. - CelebrityAccess

    The Weeknd is being sued by a trio of British songwriters for allegedly copying one of their songs.

    Brian Clover, Scott McCulloch, and Billy Smith are accusing the multi-platinum selling, Grammy award winner of modeling his song "A Lonely Night" off of his 2016 Starboy album on their 2004 song "I Need to Love."

    The Weeknd's legal team has reportedly denied the claim.

    Clover says that the trio had tried to sell a number of songs, including the one in dispute, through a record label, however, after no buyers were found, the rights were returned in November 2016.

    According to the BBC, Clover initially wrote to The Weeknd's management hoping to strike a deal, but his request was denied.

    Clover, McCulloch, and Smith have reportedly been locked in pre-court proceedings with The Weeknd's camp since the beginning of 2018.